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妹妹干色天使色小妹万达信息控股股东和实控人股份被冻结 却声称不知情 H1


2019-08-13 09:30:53


  剛剛過了長門宮,就被一隊宮衛給攔住了,就在剛才從長門宮經過的時候都沒有人理睬,沒想到在這里被人攔下來了。   阿嬌不肯上當,回贈了衛氏一套上林苑新出的金步搖簪子,這種簪子下面有漂亮的墜子,只要走動一下,就會搖晃不定,且有輕微的鈴聲傳來,顯得美人兒婀娜多姿。妹妹干   東方朔睜開眼楮瞟了一眼馬車道︰“雲氏家主不來,卻派了一個老奴來羞辱我,不要理睬!”色天使   也幾乎是在一瞬間,劉徹的面前就多了十幾面塔盾,在眾人的注視下,那座高大的烽燧在顫抖,而後四分五裂,薄弱的烽燧頂棚被爆炸的氣浪掀翻,暗紅色的火焰從烽燧的每一個透氣孔向外噴涌。   雲瑯用力的搬著鹿角,卻被那頭雄鹿一揚脖子就給挑的飛出去一丈遠,老虎的兩只爪子緊緊的扣著雄鹿的屁股,一寸長的指甲已經鑽進了雄鹿的身體里。色小妹   何愁有把杯子里的酒喝完之後,就熟練地把杯子放進石塊後面的木盒里,輕聲對雲瑯道︰“後日來觀看一下吧,有些事陛下可能要詢問。”


In the first half of this year, a total of 1,558 Chinese patents were granted by countries along the Belt and Road. China's published patent applications in these countries reached 3,125, an increase of 13 from the same period last year, China's National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) said. Computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing topped the list of industries involved in China's patent applications in the Belt and Road countries in the period.

Tech giant Huawei, smartphone maker Oppo and artificial intelligence company Ping An Technology ranked the top three of Chinese patent applicants, according to the data released by the NIPA earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the numbers of patent grants and patent applications in China also grew in the first half of 2019, demonstrating that China's business environment has been recognized and affirmed by more Belt and Road countries.

According to the NIPA, 8,029 patents from the Belt and Road countries were granted by China, with a year-on-year growth of 16.2 percent.

Forty Belt and Road countries submitted 11,683 patent applications to China, up 3.0 percent and three more countries compared with the same period in 2018.

Source: Xinhua


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